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LEGAL SATVA® is a multi-disciplinary corporate law firm which believes that the rule of law is essential to human progress, underpinning economic activity and the development of societies across the globe.

In carrying out our assignments, we infuse Transparency, Predictability, Stability, Accountability and Due process.



S Core

S Core

Corporate Law Consulting

  • Corporate Law advisory and implementation support

  • Forex Management (FEMA) and Compliance

  • Representation before Regulatory and Adjudicating Authorities

  • Due Diligence & Compliance Assessment

  • Commercial Law advisory

S Dis - Res

S Dispute Resolutions

Ironing out differences

  • Dialogue & Negotiations

  • Mediation

  • Arbitration

  • Settlement



Managing Human Resources

  • Compliance with Statutory and corporate requirements

  • Facilitate Payroll processing

  • Employee engagement and relationship building initiatives

  • Analysis of Trends

  • Employee Stock Option plan


S Insolvency Practice

Facilitating Insolvency Proceedings

  • Advise on Insolvency Law

  • Undertake appointment as Insolvency Professional

  • Compliance with Insolvency Procedures

S Set-Up

S Set Up

Setting Up Businesses

  • Entity selection, Company Incorporation, LLP and Partnership Registrations

  • Licences and Registration – Factory, Pollution Control Board, Boiler, Fire, PF, ESIC, PT, IEC

  • Build support functions – Finance, HR and Legal

  • Expansion, succession planning and support

  • Buying and selling business or creating profitable exit strategies

S Draft

S Drafting

Contracts drafting and management

  • Agreements drafting, negotiation, review

  • Contract Management and Administration

  • Legal documentation

S Growth

S Growth

Fostering Growth

  • Private Equity

  • Merger and Acquisition

  • JV Alliance

  • Strategic Partnership

  • Debt Restructuring

  • Leveraged Buyouts


S Intellectual Property Rights

Protecting IP Rights

  • Trademark

  • Copyrights

  • Design

  • Patent


S Indirect Tax

GST Advisory and Compliance

  • Set Up

  • Advisory

  • Compliance



Facilitating Risk mitigation, Governance and Compliance

  • Risk mitigation, management and planning

  • Audit, performance Management

  • Internal Control

  • Ethics adherence

  • Corporate Governance

  • Compliance with statutory and voluntary boundaries

Practice Areas




Captital markets and private equity


human resource and industrial relations


insolvency practice


international trade ,export- import


Business and Trade laws


intellectual property


Alternate dispute resolution


Goods and service tax (gst)


cyber laws





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We are looking for bright and talented law graduates who are passionate to work in our current practice areas. We welcome fresh and experienced talent equally on the basis of performance. We believe in innovative and self-directed work environment supported by knowledge and perfection of experienced team. To know more about current opportunities, please email us your updated resume at


If you are interested in internship with us, we welcome internships for final year law students. We seek minimum one-year internship commitment from interested candidates. Please email us your detailed resume at along with a recent writing sample.

Know Us MORE


LEGAL is an English word which means permitted by law ; connected to law or its administration. SATVA is a Sanskrit word which means Pure and Clear.

Red and yellow colours in logo are symbolic of necessity and purity.

Deriving its essence from name and logo, Legal Satva® is


LEGAL SATVA® role is of a facilitator to the world of business - to benefit from the rule of law and the integrity, fairness and certainty that it brings.

To deserve Client’s trust every day, our assistance is directed towards :-

  • Creating Value
  • Rendering Essential Service
  • Pragmatic approach to business challenges
  • Enduring support until success
  • Empathy
  • Freedom from support anxieties

We are engaged to build an effective business, reduce costs, manage risk, regulate and leverage talent.

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